By Kristin Glasure, FAIRHOPE President and CEO

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This month we are covering respite care, this service provides a primary caregiver a temporary break from the demands of caring for a sick, elderly or disabled family member. Respite care can be provided at home, daycare facilities, or residential or nursing institutions with overnight or weekend accommodations.

What are some benefits of using respite care? It provides time to recharge, take a trip, visit relatives or schedule appointments. Caregiving is a full-time job, so a temporary break can help reduce stress and fatigue. While also getting a temporary break, it helps to have peace of mind having certified care or help, taking care of your loved one while you recuperate. It is healthy and crucial for individuals to keep their sense of identity outside of the constant responsibilities of caregiving.

Let’s break down the process with steps and trusted resources.

Facilities that provide options for respite stays in Fairfield County: 

  1. The Pickering House – 740-654-7077
  2. Synergy Home Care – 625-965-6760
  3. First Light Home Care – 740-322-6000
  4. Carroll Place – 740-654-4529
  5. Primrose – 740-653-3900

Facilities that provide options for respite stays in Perry County: 

  1. The Pickering House – 740-654-7077

Facilities that provide options for respite stays in Hocking County: 

  1. The Pickering House – 740-654-7077


How to schedule brief respite during the day/week: 

You can schedule brief respite care within daycare, day camps, assisted living, nursing homes or in-home services. Respite care can also look different ways, such as:

  1. Volunteers- This may be available with faith-based, community, and other nonprofit organizations in and out of the community.
  2. Trained staff- Can come from home-care businesses that are available to cover short periods of time in and out of the home.
  3. Personal care providers- Can assist with daily living skills such as bathing, dressing, or feeding, which can be done in the home. This can also be an option for trusted family and friends to assist.
  4. Homemaker services- This is the support of meal preparation, shopping and housekeeping, which can also be an option for trusted family and friends to assist.


Respite care options on the ability to pay: 

Assisted living facilities will typically cost more than adult day care programs. Most insurance plans won’t cover the cost of respite care. However, there are resources you can turn to for assistance. Such as a Medicaid Waiver Program, VA pension (you might qualify for a benefit called Aid and Attendance), long-term care insurance (call your insurance company and check) and adult services, especially those offered by community-based senior centers, nonprofit organizations, or churches, have sliding scale payment options.

Remember, respite care is available at our Pickering House for any of our hospice and palliative care patients and families without an additional cost. We’re happy to discuss options that may work best for your loved ones.

Our goal is to inform and educate those on respite care. Please remember that everyone deserves a break from an ongoing duty, and this is not selfish – this is self-care and beneficial for the caregiver and loved one. Stay tuned for our next blog on becoming an educated caregiver.