Professional and Student Education

Professional and Student Education

Rely on our expert healthcare professionals for all your hospice, palliative care, and grief support!   Programs available for continuing education for community health professionals. We also provide education for non-professionals.

Offering Continued Education

Nursing • Social Workers • Funeral Home Directors • Nursing Home Administrators LNHA

We offer a wide variety of end of life care and grief support topics or allow us to tailor a program to fit your needs.

To learn more about our programs contact:

Tasha Thomas, BSN, RN

Patient Care

Fundamentals of Hospice

Learn the what’s, why’s and how’s of FAIRHOPE’s hospice care, including The Pickering House. Explore the criteria and prognosis for each level of care while further defining the services available. Discover reimbursement options and resources for patients who may be eligible for care.


Palliative Care

Is Palliative Care right for you or someone you know? We’ll review common diagnoses and symptoms of those facing serious illness that may benefit from Palliative Care. Focusing on clear communication, advance care planning and coordinating care, gain insight in caring for the whole self, caring for the body, mind and spiritual needs of patients and their families.


Let’s Talk: Initiating End of Life Discussions

Knowing what to say and how to say it can be a challenge when dealing with a sensitive subject like end of life care decisions. Let’s Talk provides insight in communicating with families and listening skills in helping patients initiate end of life care decision planning.


Understanding Ohio’s Advance Directives

Dealing with the challenges of providing healthcare when Advance Directives are not complete can be difficult. Explore the latest changes from Ohio’s House Bill 126. Learn how to guide them through their healthcare decisions and correctly assist patients and families in accurately recording their express healthcare wishes.


Pain & Symptom Management: Myths of Morphine

Do you have patients with chronic pain and need help managing their care and meds?

Join us to gain the knowledge and insight you need in providing holistic comfort to your patients. Learn to identify the various types of pain and appropriate medications for each.


Coping with Caregiver Stress

Caring for another can bring unexpected or, at times, seemingly overwhelming stress to your life and/or workplace. Caregiver Stress provides helpful tools, tips and added support. Learn stress reducing activities and techniques for handling stress. Focus on ways to alleviate and cope with stressors and learn new ways to care for yourself while caring for others.


Physical, Spiritual & Emotional Care at the End of Life

Program discusses the physical changes, addressing the emotional needs, and identifying psychosocial needs of the patient and family at end-of-life.


Spirituality and the Dementia Patient

Join us to gain a better understanding of the spiritual needs of the dementia patients at the end of life.


Music Therapy

Music moves us in many ways. Listen as our speaker explains how music affects our emotions and overall health. Explore the differences in music and music therapy and the uses of each in providing added benefit to patients. Learn the therapeutic benefits on the body and memory.


Pet Therapy

Pets serve as sources of social and emotional support for people, especially those with health issues. The happiness a therapy dog visit can provide is one that can’t be measured by a physician or written on a patient chart. Putting it mildly, a visitor with a wagging tail can make all the difference in the world. We’ll share what a typical visit is like and what is required of a therapy pet.


Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy can be of great therapeutic benefit to comforting patients at the end of life. Learn the use of different essentials oils, extracted from plants, flowers, trees, bark, fruit, grasses and seeds, in alleviating symptoms and providing relief and relaxation.


Aroma Therapy & Touch at the End of Life

Combined aromatherapy and gentle massage can help alleviate physical and psychological symptoms for End-of-Life care. This therapy can be individualized for each patient.


After the Caregiving

Supporting healthcare professionals and community through caregiving grief, After the Caregiving provides insight into identifying normal reactions to grief. Teaching 16 tips of self-care and how to differentiate between anticipatory grief versus grief.


How Do You Mend a Broken Heart: Broken-Hearted Grief

Discover how to mend the heart from brokenness and grief. Learn 3 strategies to address the needs of mourners.


Children’s Grief

Children experience anticipatory grief during the changes in their loved one’s health condition and before the loss of their loved one. As well as learning to cope and honor the memory of a loved one.

FAIRHOPE’S PALS Grief Care Coordinators provide in-person or Telehealth grief support for children, teens, and families who have experienced the death of a loved one. (In-Person, Phone, Facetime, or Microsoft Teams).